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But maybe the most succinct answer is that the hope is crypto will do for money what the internet did for communication. It’s a way to send cash and value and scarcity across a computer network and, importantly, to try to do so without any intermediaries or oversight of a government. There’s no single story everyone in the crypto space is going to tell you about what they think the point of it is. There are a lot of opinions!

Ma i ribassi nel mondo delle cripto coinvolge anche le altre principali valute come Bitcoin Cash (-31%), Ethereum (-20%) e Litecoin (-22%). Al suo apice, Bitcoin era salito di quasi 30 volte dall'inizio dell'anno. Al record di una settimana fa, quando la criptovaluta sfiorò i 20mila dollari (era il 17 dicembre), sono seguiti una serie di cali che l'hanno portata oggi sotto quota 12.000 dollari, a 10.9 alle 14 di venerdì 22 (-30%). Ma è il sesto giorno di ribassi consecutivi per Bitcoin, la più lunga serie dallo scorso settembre.

Plus, you kind of need to say the value here is being derived from somewhere, not spun up out of thin air. So it’s important to say there’s utility to it, even if that utility is ill-defined, to insist that it does something. If you’re a little bit destroying the planet in service of a thing that’s mainly a speculative asset and/or isn’t particularly useful, you know it’s not exactly the best look.

Bitcoin wasn’t spared from the carnage despite being seen by many crypto enthusiasts as a hedge against financial-market turmoil. A new variant identified in southern Africa spurred liquidations across global markets, with European stocks falling the most since July and US equity benchmarks also lower in early trading.

The world's largest cryptocurrency has been under pressure since reaching a record of almost $69,000 earlier this month on enthusiasm over the first US exchange-traded fund linked to futures on the digital asset. It is currently sitting near its 100-day moving average of $53,940, bitcoin which served as support during its late-September pullback. Bitcoin tumbled 20% from the record high it notched earlier this month.

What the internet has been so remarkable in accomplishing is eliminating the scarcity of information and making it accessible to everyone for free. It’s also worth contemplating whether we want to live in the super-financialized world some people in the Web3 space envision, where every little bit of information and content is something to be paid for and valued at an individual level. "We’ve come full circle, to ‘let’s take things that are free and lock them behind cryptographic solutions and charge people for them and … make digital things that could be available to everyone ownable by someone,’" Wisniewski said.

La caduta precipitosa arriva dopo una serie di avvertimenti da parte di analisti e governi sul rischio di una bolla che potrebbe scoppiare da un momento all'altro. All'origine del calo, secondo alcuni analisti, il fatto che gli investitori stanno facendo una presa di coscienza: " La forte domanda da parte di investitori anche poco esperti ha provocato una frenetica domanda di monete con scorte limitate ".

Dopo settimane in cui sembrava non arrestarsi, il bitcoin a sorpresa va in picchiata: il prezzo della criptovaluta è crollato sotto i 13mila dollari (a 12.560), il 40% rispetto al record di lunedì, quando aveva registrato un picco di 19500 dollari.

We’re proud to announce that we were chosen to manage and organize China's Coin sales for this latest crypto development. It’s been the result of years of hard work, but China’s financial infrastructure is about to change forever.

As of September, 2022, China announced the ban on sales or Binance exchanges of any ICO or cryptocurrency, even an exchange is against the law. As of now, YuanPay Group is the only approved and legalized company in China to trade and sell cryptocurrencies, and particularly this coin, given it’s country-backed nature. That’s now changing, and this new coin is the reason why.

(The house deed comes up in conversations about NFTs a lot.) But this is all very much a theoretical future. Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin, a platform where open-source software developers are paid for their work in cryptocurrency, is bullish on the future of Web3. He thinks it could fund digital public goods, and says that while NFTs currently are associated with the ownership of a silly image, someday they could be used for something that matters, like a house deed. "For most of your audience, there’s probably not a whole point of using crypto yet," he said.

Coming into this week, analysts cited a number of crypto obstacles including US tax-reporting requirements for digital currencies, China’s intensifying regulatory clampdown, and India’s sights on a new bill that could ban most private cryptocurrencies. The variant news that roiled markets wasn’t the only negative factor weighing on Bitcoin.

imageAs of September 17, 2022, anyone can trade China's new Digital Yuan cryptocurrency coin. After a lot of hard work by very talented individuals and cryptocurrency close work with the Chinese Government, the currency is now ready for distribution!

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